Fiona update: Look who’s outside today!!! Yay for this warm snap!

Look who's outside today!!! Yay for this warm snap!

hippo fiona cincinnati zoo

Hippo Fiona Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Having Fun at the Cincinnati Zoo


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Viewers reacted

Kathy Wynne Rossell I'm sure Fiona couldn't wait to get outside today! She is probably loving the warm weather and seeing some of her fans that may have been out too! Love you sweet Fiona! Can't wait to celebrate your birthday! 

Ken Reiter Jr. She's growing up fast. We are also thankful to the staff at the Cincinnati Zoo for getting your through those very fragile days at the beginning. Just look at her now and you would never know. God bless you all

Jan Dowling And… to think I was at the zoo today and did not think she would be out. I am disgusted with myself. In all honesty, I was there to purchase stuffed animals; one being 'Fiona. We didn't have a lot of time. In February, I hope to go again and see her and the other new zoo baby.

Louise A Schwendeman OOOH, had I not booked an emergency plumber for tomorrow….It is supposed to be even warmer. Maybe he will show up and finish early enough for a road trip?

Jared-Chris Casdorph Birthday girl , just a year ago , Fiona was in such a rush to arrive. She survives many firsts in the hippo world at the ZOO. I'm so grateful to witness this year of Fiona's life and care team. It is truly a team of support to see her now , great success, with her little sassy self now. True blessing

Doris Bercot Wish we could crawl into their heads and see what they're thinking.. something like… "hey what gives? I was outside, then I wasn't put outside for a long time, and now I'm outside again!".

Jennifer K Rotterman I am so happy to finally see this bundle of joy today unexpectedly. Bibi was super active swimming her laps. It was the icing on the cake for today.

Susan Taylor Snyder Yes…I was there & she was delighting everyone, especially the children, with her stylish moves. Mama Bibi was light on her feet, also.

Helen Loesch There'd be REAL excitement if the weather is warm enough for Fiona to be out in the hippo enclosure during her birthday celebration next week….here's hoping!

Marianne Airey Fiona my love, I have missed seeing you! You brighten my day, little girl so don't stay away so long again!

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