Fiona update: Merry Christmas from your Zoo family

Merry Christmas from your Zoo family

team fiona christmas

Fiona the Hippo

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Fiona's First Christmas – Cincinnati Zoo


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Fans reacted:

Carole Axdorff Thanks to the Cincinnati ZOO for making 2017 a special year with all the zookeeper, Drs. Etc that helped FIONA SURVIVE AND BRING SO MUCH JOY TO SO MANY

Teodora Maria Petroi We saw her today at our national news (Romania) on tv, in a list of the most significant events of the year, alongside the solar eclipse and others. I think this is a pretty big testament as to how awesome Fiona is!!  She is literally stelar.

Laurie Nesemeier We Love you Fiona. You bring so much joy and happiness to so many people. Can't wait to see what new adventures lie ahead for you. Merry Christmas sweet girl. 

Lisa Wallick Liposchak Yes! I got a hippopotamus for Christmas. I got my Fiona calendar! I love it! Merry Christmas zookeepers. You all do such great work.

Sharon MCwife I’m so excited and can’t wait to see my 13 year olds face in the morning when she opens her calendar, ornament and plush Fiona. I was so surprised by how big she was for only $18.99. Your sales girl was wonderful when i called and answered all my questions. Merry Christmas everyone at the Zoo.

Christine Jenkins Same to you! Thanks so much for all your great posts! Please keep ‘em coming in 2018!

Myia Paradis Merry Christmas to you and your mama Fiona…and all your zoo friends and keepers!

Debra Hardy Merry Christmas to all of you. Thank you for taking great care of the animals!

Sharon Smith Merry Christmas Princess Fiona and all the Cincinnati Zoo. Bless you all

Terri Harris-Daniels I got my Fiona sweat shirt for Christmas. I’m so happy. I love you Fiona

Jody Balfour Fry Merry Christmas to Fiona and Bibi. And to all the other animals at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Bobbie Jean Duncan Merry Christmas to all of the animals! Merry Christmas to the Zoo staff and thanks for taking care of them!

Janet Martin Wood Merry Christmas Fiona and Bibi and to all of the zoo family and animals!

Nancy Nichting-uniquedesigns Merry Christmas and thank you for making me smile everyday

Carol Swain Nickell Merry Christmas to all the zoo staff, vets and the public, who donated money and time to make Fiona's life possible.

Donna Mayher Dresp Well it’s official. I didn’t get a hippopotamus for Christmas. Merry Christmas to Fiona and everyone at the zoo. Thank you very much for taking such good care of Fiona. The world needed her

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