Fiona the Hippo Latest Update and Video Today

Fiona got out of her heated indoor pool to bob for some frozen treats.

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017


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Supporters reacted:

Marti Thorndike I watch live cam of the eagles,it would be great 2B able 2C Fiona anytime as well…have a cam in her indoor & outdoor areas…you,who care for her daily,R so lucky 2 C her &those that get 2Cher..are just as lucky.People all over the world  Fiona…a live-cam would be such a great way to daily share her life with us.We love this girl!

Janet Matherly Rowland I don't think I've ever heard Fiona make a sound, except for some grunts months and months ago in the blue pool. Does she ever make sounds? If so, could you capture some and share? That would surely thrill her millions of fans. Thank YOU!

Kathy Wynne Rossell Sweet Fiona! So happy to see her in action today. It looks like she is enjoying her frozen treats! Get back in that heated pool baby girl, stay warm! Love her. Thanks for sharing!

Beth Lorson i wish i had an indoor/ outdoor heated pool.. maybe Fiona will invite us all for a pool party for her birthday..I also wonder if she ever would sneak out_ what her thoughts would be about this weather we're all having..

Liz Sapp I know that our Fiona is getting bigger every day. I would like to know if she spends much time with her early care givers? In other words how much hands on time does she get now?

Renae Cotton Hope she is eating well since you have discontinued bottle feedings. I look forward to updates and I check for them daily. Fiona is the best!

Debbie Scheiner Since you raised her from birth will the zoo staff always feel safe with Fiona or will she not be able to be trusted as she grows.

 fiona legging

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