Henry the hippo Update today

Henry update: Henry is doing better and we hope to get him out with BiFi in a week or two if he keeps improving.

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Henry the Hippo 

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Aissatou Sunjata So happy to know Henry is doing better. I have been more than wondering about his health. Good to know in no time he will be back with Bibi and Fiona. Good news today for sure

Casey Garrett Man the team there at the zoo for these hippos is amazing!!!! Keep up the great work team! And Henry you keep up the good work too big guy!

Karen Hoelle Fall Ya know, I think Fiona just might be a stinker lol.

Donna Criswell Mollaun We love you, man! Was it something you ate, gas, a virus or something else?

Vickee Riddle Campos Do you know what is/was wrong with him? Keeping him in our thoughts and prayers.

Karen Combs wtg Henry. Hope u keep up the improvement. Tu 2 your team 4 taking such great care of u.

Christopher Paquette We can call this what it is…. having a daughter is absolutely exhausting. Get well Henry!

Cathy Wilson Caudill Thank you for the update on Henry. I worry about him.

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