Henry the Hippo Update: He Slowly Getting Well Again

Henry the Hippo Update

Henry’s care team saw a small increase in his appetite this weekend. It’s still far from normal, but they were encouraged that he ate some hay, a staple in a healthy hippo diet. Henry will be cared for inside for the next few weeks. We’ll keep you updated on his progress.

henry the hippo update

Henry the Hippo Update


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Supporters react to Henry the Hippo Update

Jneale Golden Do you have to restart a hippo's fermentation like you do a cow's if they've stopped eating? (Or was it just my family that did it with beer?

Katee Gadette Thank you for sharing about Henry…so happy to hear he is eating a little better. Praying for Henry Love Henry!

Kathy Griesinger C'mon Henry you can do it! We're All thinking and Praying for you to get better. We need you But your little girl Needs you more.

Stacie Bannon This is good news! Hopefully Henry continues to regain his appetite and get strong again. Sending prayers and much love 

Cathy Christensen Sending healing and comforting prayers for our big guy Henry. Come on fella, get well soon….Bibi and Fiona need you so much. xoxoxoxox

Dawn Garrison Henry continues to be in my prayers. So glad he is responding to antibiotics and is showing signs of having an appetite again. 

Susan Weis Thanks to the Cincy zoo staff for their dedication + love of all of the animals at the zoo. 
Keep getting stronger Henry.

Marilyn Miller Keep getting better Henry. Everyone wants to see you healthy and playing in the hippo pond. Continued prayers for You.

Paula Hamilton Heavenly father I pray you bless Henry. Restore his health. Let him continue in his lovely hippo family being such an inspiration to so many. God bless Henry

Sherrie June Foxen Mason Sending healing prayers and hippo.hugs for you Henry to get.well and feel better soon! Your fan club adores you.also!

Barbara Anne Keep fighting Papa! You are loved and your lil girl needs you! Sending prayers to the Hippo family and their humans!

Anje-Michelle Dolman Fantastic news big guy, keep up that eating to regain your strength, sending huge prayers and comfort to you xx

Brenda Smiddy Please Henry get better we love you.. Thank you to the team taking care of Henry for all you do… Good Job

Sue Kokoski u r going to be just fine henry ur in the best of hands many ppl love u and so does fiona get well soon

Joseph Kern Hoping Henry continues on the recovery, and that he can be with Fiona and Bibi for a long while to come.

Ray Boyer I'm praying for Henry and His Family. If you haven't told Him please let Him know how many people are praying for Him.

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