Henry the Hippo Is Sick: Please keep Henry in Your Thoughts and Prayer

Henry the Hippo Is Sick

Hippo Cove will be open today but will close tomorrow, Thursday, afternoon so vets can prep Henry for another exam. He continues to have no appetite and treatment has not improved his condition. His care team has been working tirelessly to keep him comfortable and help him fight this illness. Please keep Henry in your thoughts and prayers.

henry the hippo is sick

Henry the Hippo is Sick



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Fans react to Henry the hippo sick

Dana Haan I'm not a veterinarian, and I'm not an expert by any means… But I'm wondering why they cannot quarantine him, and give him antibiotics by way of tucking them under the epidermis layer? I'm beginning to become extremely worried and would like to have more information.

Royanne Koogler Is it possible to IV infused antibiotics? I’m sure you’ve thought of that…. trying to think outside the box on how to get his meds in him… maybe make them watermelon flavored and squirt them in his mouth? I pray God directs you to the way that will heal Henry!

Kristina Sue praying for henry and hoping that this infection IS NOT spread to bibi and fiona!–can you tell us any more about the nature of this infection, please?

Beth Kidd Kelly Thank you for caring for him….is there any input from other zoos that have hippos. I know you are doing the best for him

Holly McCarty Hiryak Henry, I so hope you can recover from whatever has a hold on your body. You are so loved by your fans & I pray that you will be ok.

Nancy Brewster Get well soon Henry, you have a beautiful young daughter to be there for her. Be strong and get better so you can be there for her and her mom.

Melissa Miller Get well Henry! Your baby girl Fiona needs her daddy!! Prayers you care team can find what is ailing you and make you better soon!!

Beth Trobaugh I hope he does get better! I have a really odd question. What happens if he doesn't get better and passes on. How do they take care of those situations? He is a big boy I don't think they would bury him and where. Just my mind wondering

Grace Bush Hoppe Please care team, pull all the stops and save our Henry. My heart is breaking. for this wonderful hippo family.

Barbara Lahr Also sending positive vibes to the vet team so they are able to find what is wrong with Henry. Feel better, Henry!!!

Audra Skibo Please feel better Henry. I know the Zoo is taking good care of you and I'm sending positive energy your way.

Tommie Linares Sweet Henry fight against this illness, stay strong you got this. Sending healing hugs and prayers for you

Leda Smith Henry, Honey you got to fight this bug that got you down. Be strong and get well. Love you. God Bless you.

Cathy LeTard Butler Prayers, love, & hippo hugs to Henry!! Henry you must get well.. just not a 'full bloat' without you!

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