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Henry the hippo dead

As we continue to mourn the loss of our papa hippo, we also celebrate his life and legacy. If you have any special memories of Henry or photos you'd like to share we would love to hear and see them.

The best photos of Henry and supporters reacted:

Henry and Bibi the Hippo

Whitney Nichole Is there a rainbow bridge for hippos? I think there is. Henry is in a big hippo paradise somewhere frolicking with other hippo friends and keeping an eye on Fiona and Bibi

Michelle Swiniarski So sad. Rest In Peace, Henry. Glad we got to celebrate our anniversary with him and family. A picture of him from Oct 5th.

Paula Sanderson This is so difficult for the keepers and support staff, thank you for making Henry's life meaningful and happy. He was a good papa to Fiona and companion for Bibi. He will truly be missed by many.

Shelly Marie This is so sad. Thank you Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden for all that you did for Henry and also Fiona so he will have a lasting legacy. I know your heartache must be so great over losing him. I know you made the best decision for him even though it was extremely difficult to let him go.

Liz Butler Bosworth Can't stop crying. Have become so vested in this hippo family. They are a bright spot in the middle of a world filled with chaos. Thank you, caretakers & Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden for providing light where there is little these days. Sending love from Naperville, IL.


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Stacy Recker Henry the hippo dead , well I am so glad that Fiona is his ultimate legacy. Thank you to the Hippo Team who do an amazing job with their animals. Sad day, but your efforts bring joy & knowledge to so many.

Joshua Vrooman Rest In Peace, Henry. We will all miss you . And to the great staff that took care of you, I want to say you do an amazing job caring for all the animals, and as difficult as it is for us, it doesn't compare to the grief you are all experiencing. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Marti-Jo Lauper Russell Henry, I wanted to Thank you. You may not know it but you helped bring hippos into the spotlight with the miracle little girl that the world now knows and loves, Fiona. Everyone at the zoo is in my thoughts and prayers.

Barbara Amyx Hatton I am so sorry to read this news!!!! I am sure his care team is devasted as are his fans. Such a sad day. Rest in peace Henry. He fought a great fight and blessed us all with Fiona.

Rebecca Fields Ohhhh nooooo??? This is just heartbreaking. I had such uplifted spirits when he seemed better just over a week ago. I guess he was just rallying, as animals…and humans …do when they are going through that transition. Rest serene precious Henry.

Your will was done….you were a part of creating precious little Fiona, who the world has fallen in love with. A love….like we have had for you. Take that love with you…and look down on your baby with PRIDE, beloved fella. No more pain…no more misery…no more fear. Farewell…big fella. We love you. Thank you to all the efforts..of ALL the caretakers involved in precious Henry's care.

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Becky Kelsey Roby My heart is breaking with you all at the Cincy zoo, and for Bibi and Fiona. may Henry be at peace and in comfort now. So sorry he did not have more time with his girls. crying hippo sized tears for this hippo family and the zoo

Karen Wernham So sorry to hear, since Fi was born i have followe her and Bibi and Henry from Uk and letting an animal go at the right time to Rainbow Bridge is one of the hardest things to do whether staff were paid or volunteers they become family.. Big hugs to Bibi and Fi and his carers and most of all Henry, Swim free at Rainbow Brdige xx

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Sue Gilot Rest In Peace Sweet Henry. Know that our love for you was as big as your sweet self. You have left a wonderful legacy with us in your darling daughter, Fiona. My deepest sympathies to your wonderful Hippo Team. You did the very best you could for Henry and he is now in Heaven where he was welcomed with open, loving arms. Give sweet Fiona a kiss for us and Bibi to.

Dally Fontaine My sympathies to everyone in the Cincinnati Zoo and all of those that care so diligently all these months for Henry. You lose a creature, you lose a light, and a little bit part of you. I'm sure Fiona and Bibi will miss his presence, but most of all that devoted care team that worked so hard to save his life. God Bless you all. Thanks for looking after God's best creatures.

Ryan Holdhusen Thank you for the updates and the great care you take of the animals in your great facility. This must be so difficult for those that work with those magnificent animals every day. My thoughts are with you. Thank you Henry for helping bring Fiona into the world. You are already missed. What a sad day.

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