Henry the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo Latest Update Today

The tilapia in the Hippo Cove pool have also had a baby boom this summer. These fish serve multiple purposes, they help to keep the water clean by eating the hippo dung and they also eat the dead skin off of the hippos which keep them clean and free of micro-organisms

henry the hippo cincinnati zoo

Henry the Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo

Henry update – Henry continues to improve and is making short visits to the outdoor pool again.



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Supporters react:

Ilia Rodriguez-Sisinni Good Henry, tell them to raise something better than Tilapia

Karen Combs Fiona u look like u have a lot of friends. So glad papa Henry is doing better. Keep it up Henry. Tuvm 2 all your caretakers

Johna Sparks Rabdeau Newman Could you could you please tell me what is wrong with Henry? Thank you

Frank Fuentes I will never eat tilapia again! Ma

Paul Conley Eek! I'll remember this, next time I'm at the fish market. I guess tilapia are what we call real bottom feeders. Ha.

Karin Oder Gallup This is a serious question. What happens with the tilapia waste? In other words, how does the water actually stay clean?

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