Henry Update: He still has very little appetite and is losing weight

Henry the hippo cincinnati zoo weight

Henry has had a rough week. He still has very little appetite and is losing weight. Our care team is doing everything possible to help him, including offering him his favorite foods. Please keep Henry and his care team in your thoughts and prayers.

	henry the hippo cincinnati zoo weight

Henry the hippo sick


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Fans react to Henry the hippo cincinnati zoo weight

MJ Williams Get better, Henry, please, get better. Try and eat something, just a little bit for us. Maybe some donuts? Not typical hippo food but sometimes a little jolt of sugar gets things going……

Brenda Rand I've asked this question before, but didn't get an answer. Do you guys test the water for ammonia, nitrite and nitrates, or do you use disinfectant to purify the water? As much time as hippos spend in the water, the water could be the source of Henry's ailment. High nitrates in the blood stream cause loss of appetite

Shari Caldwell Praying for Henry and I am confident your care team will do everything possible to make him well. I know his family needs him but after watching you guys with Fiona, you need him too.

MaryLynn Pierce So sorry about the GIF I don't know how it appeared and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. My intention was to send prayers which I'm still doing for Henry and his caregivers. I am hoping Henry regains his good health quickly. God bless you all

Wanda Cole Oh Henry you are in our prayers. Please get better so your litter girl has her daddy. Bibi lives you too. Same as us. Caretakers please keep take care of him the way you did Fiona. We need him healthy to make another little Fiona.

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Siobhan Troyer Poor Henry, I hope he isn’t suffering, & will be assisted in a peaceful passing if recovery looks impossible … so sorry for his care-givers, this must be very hard indeed.

Les N Cindy Dorson Dear heavenly father please help the care team to help Henry and getting better also Lord I just pray for a miracle for Henry to be completely better. Love you Henry.

Maureen Bamford Oh no. Not again. I’m so sorry to hear this. I know how much you care for this little family as do we all now He is such a magnificent animal. I hope he will feel all the love and care and prayers and get well soon.

Candi Miller So sry that Henry is not doing so well. Will be keeping him in my prayers that he starts feeling better. He needs to start feeling better so bibi and Fiona can spend lots of time with him..

Vicki Shutt Come on Henry your so loved and needed, little Fiona needs her dad around for a long time!
Thank you and blessing to all who take such wonderful care of Henry and his family!

Melissa Arnett Could he be a little depressed. Fiona gets so much attention and BiBi is spending time with her. Maybe Henry is feeling left out??? Before it was just Henery and BiBi. I don’t know just a thought! Praying for Henery!


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