Henry the Hippo Cinncinnati Zoo Sick: He Continues to Struggle With an illness

Henry the Hippo Cinncinnati Zoo Sick

Hippo Cove is closed today so Henry’s care team can have unrestricted access to administer medications, offer favorite foods and provide TLC. Papa hippo continues to struggle with an illness, and his care team is doing everything possible to treat his symptoms. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

henry the hippo cincinnati zoo sickHenry the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo Sick


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Supporters react to Henry the Hippo Cinncinnati Zoo Sick
Katie McGuigan Sending you loads of love Henry! I hope you recover and take in all the lovies from your fans and your care team

Michelle Chesley Prayers for Henry & his care team. I fight with my dog when he needs meds, I can not imagine trying to get Henry his meds, especially when he wont eat. God bless you all for helping him. Come on Henry… you got this man!!

Jackie Sheelar Artinger Oh Henry, the thoughts and prayers of so many are behind you to lift you up and get you better! Be cooperative with your keepers who love you beyond measure. Please get better so Bibi and Fiona have you for many more years!

Courtney Simons Sending love and prayers Henry's way! We saw them all for the first time this Sunday and you could tell Fiona was worried about Henry. I hope he feels better soon!

Shelly King Smith Sending huge prayers to Henry and the awesome care team! You worked miracles on Fiona, you got this! Keep up the great work!

Suzanne Gatewood Henry, please take your medicine and eat well. You must get better. You have to watch out for BiBi and Fiona. They love you and I love you very much sweetheart! I’m praying!

Laureen Niehaus-Beckner This hippo family has brought us so much joy amidst so much sadness in the world. Praying Henry will recover.

Kim Stokes Have you reached out to other veterinarians like Busch Gardens Tampa Bay? They may have ideas or suggestions you haven't thought of? #HippoLove

Barb Boyd Continued prayers for Henry, and that the care team can figure out what's going on with him and get this turned around quickly. #TeamFiona can do this

Missy Sanders Just wondering is what he has a risk to the other two to get. Hope not but was wondering if they can pass things back and forth.

Kathy Azbill Barbarita You got this Henry. We are all praying for you. Thank you care team, we know you are doing all you can for Henry and we really appreciate you!

Carole Cosse Henry, we are all pulling for you! If anyone can turn this all around, it will be your wonderful caregivers at our great zoo. Thank you, All!

Linda Gehrlein Kepner Come on Henry, we w ant to see yo getting up to par a nd play with your baby girl. Sending love and hugs

Anita Roy Gordon aw poor Henry. Feel better Henry! We love you! Prayers for his care team to get that nasty infection taken care of.

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