Fiona`s Daddy – Henry The Hippo Update on August 10th

Mind if I climb in your mouth? 
Henry update – Henry has perked up a bit this morning and ate his hay for breakfast! Keep the good vibes and prayers coming his way!

Supporters react:

Patti Raykovics Watkins Yes!! will keep praying so impressed by Team fiona something I would ABsolutely love do is to work at the zoo in any capacity, just dont have the skills at this point in my life

Transito Menjivar I Hope Henry get well soon, because Bibi and Fiona needs him so much;will be prayer for his good health. I love them.

Susan Rivest What a good mom prayers are coming Henry's way. He has to spend time, with his wonderful little doll Fiona love you Fiona, and your mom and dad

Tishi Traylor-Jones Oh Fiona, Always a joy to see you. Bibi looks well, hopefully Henry is doing better. Thanks for the video. Always appreciated.

Elizabeth Dabanka Fiona I just love their hair little family sm!! Am I imposing human emotions and standards unrealistically on a hippo family??

Shelly King Smith Thank God Henry ate today! I am praying he makes a full recovery so that he can be with his two girls!!! I love this family!

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