Henry and Fiona Hippo Latest Update Today From Cincinnati Zoo

Henry and Fiona Hippo Latest Update 

Thanks for all your concern about Henry. Our vets gave him a thorough exam yesterday and did not find any obvious reasons for his lack of appetite. They're doing some blood tests to see if we can learn more from those. We will be sure to post an update when we have more information.

henry and fiona hippoHenry and fiona hippo

Fiona catching raindrops in her mouth!


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Supporters react to Henry and fiona hippo update:

Libby McNeil Every day I think she can't be any cuter and every day you show a picture or video and there she is being cuter. Oh Fiona how you melt our heart. How is Henry doing today? Keeping her daddy in prayers.

Matthew Redd MacLean Whenever I'm having a bad day, which is quite often since my mom passed away two months ago, Fiona can always cheer me up, even if just for a moment

Linda O. Stickney I truly believe that baby Fiona knows that she is very special and loves all of the attention. At times, she acts like a happy child!

Peggy Becker Stinkin' cute again! With her thick skin how does she feel them? Maybe those flickery hairy ears? Then she reaches so high for them and falls over! What a gal!

Kathy Wynne Rossell Fiona is just so fun to watch! So adorable! She makes me smile everyday! Love her!  I hope Henry is better today!  Thanks for sharing!

Micki Fitzgerald Betts I want to give her kisses and cuddle this sweet girl. I never thought I could fall in love with a hippo but Fiona has done just that.

Leda Smith I just adore Fiona. Zoo keepers are amazing. God Bless them. Thank you for all you do for these animal. Big or small.

Nikki Buckingham What happens differently in the winter time for Fiona’s Family? Just curious, Ohio weather is not their normal habitat.

Susan Taylor Snyder Love the above pic…hope Henry doesn't have any serious problems. He & his family are Zoo & Cincinnati treasures. Thanks folks for the updates.

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