Henry Continues to Struggle with His Health- Cincinnati Zoo

Henry the Hippo



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Supporter reacted to henry continues to struggle with his health

Sharon Harbers After reading the blog, it seems Henry is coming to his life's end.   I pray he can have more time, but I do not want any living creature to just deteriorate.

Nikki O'Connor Thanks for the well explained and well written blog. We know you are doing everything possible. Grateful for Fiona but keeping her dad in my thoughts. Love the family!

Lesa Williams Brown I'm so sad to hear this about Henry. My family and I have seen Henry several times at the Dickerson Zoo. He's always been a favorite. Will continue to pray for him!

Kristina Sue Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden could you please consider contacting animal communicator, donetta zimmerman?…thane and and the zoo are familiar with her…perhaps she can shed some insight on henry!…

Barbara Zaitzow: Henry continues to struggle with his health, please don't give up on the big guy. Perhaps a different medication, beyond-tempting foods, and lots of prayer?? Hoping for better news.

Doris Stoddart Fulton Prayers and best wishes for better health for Henry. Fiona needs him to teach her new stuff. This family has stolen our hearts! Love and hugs.

Dawn Treude Thank you for this update. I feel so thankful I was able to see him out with the girls when I visited two weeks ago. You guys are just amazing!

Lynn Zoia Sakata Aw, poor Henry. I know he's had a good long life, but keeping the family together for a few more years would be wonderful!

Linda Barrett Thanks for the detailed update. The Cincinnati Zoo is wonderful and I know that Henry is getting the best of care. Will continue to hope and pray that he gets better.

Stephanie Schumacher I have fallen in love with our hippo family. Henry, sending healing prayers. Hang in there big guy. We all are pulling for you. 

Lynn O'connor Thank you so much for this update ….. you must all be going through a very worrisome and somewhat frustrating time ….. obviously though, you are all doing what can be done, and I know that you are all giving Henry the very best of care and attention at this time. Unfortunately, it could just be the process of old age taking place 

Jo Marie I have been keeping Henry in my prayers and will continue to do so. Thank you for the update and please do keep us posted. One good thing is we have Fiona who will carry on Henry's legacy when he is no longer with us. PLEASE GET BETTER SWEET GUY!!! Wish I could give you a BIG HIPPO HUG!

Christina Elliott Thank you for the love and affection you have given sweet Henry. We know you have done all you can for him and whatever happens he is loved!

Jenny Walker McManus Oh Henry, we all love you and couldn’t pray more for you and your incredibly caring and loving and intelligent care staff

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