Group Of Guys Play A Game Of Tackle Football Inside Walmart Store

They really playing tackle football at Walmart!


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When you’re friends called you to get together to play a game of tackle football?

You usually get together in someone’s backyard or at a local park. But these group of friends found a better place to play a friendly game of tackle football.

At a Walmart.

Viewers reacted:

Tyler Neff Of course this happened at Walmart. Guranteed someone was having a baby in the bathroom, doing meth on aisle 4, and stealing money from register 9 at the same time this was happening

Anthony Lupes That’s so dumb.. hey let’s go to Walmart and play tackle football in front of anybody look like a bunch of dummies,.,yes ted, yeah Mat, yeah, Ron that’s a great idea..

Tony Hudson No, he's been at your Mother's house, NFL Memeboy. Thanks for staying sober enough to be coherent today.

Dennis Wright Why would you break up a tackle football game inside Wal-Mart? Your ten Dollar an hour part time job doesn't provide health insurance.

David Frank Leshowitz Walmart is better known for having runway models of all shapes and sizes (hence why there are so many sizes for pants)

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