Gronk Pointing & Laughing Hysterically At A Steelers DB After Scoring On Him Was Hilarious

Rob Gronkowski returned from his 1-game suspension Sunday night to dominate against the Pittsburgh Steelers, providing one of the more unrated touchdown celebrations of the season.

After manhandling safety Sean Davis to score a 2-point conversion, Gronk turned around, pointed out, and laughed like a villain at him before spiking the football to China.

Taunting on Defensive player. He didn't allow Gronk to do his Joke. 15 yards penalty and ball possession to the Pats. He is a clown

Gronk Pointing Laughing Hysterically

Gronk Pointing Laughing Hysterically

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Viewers reacted:

Steven Robbins Just reading through this and many other Patriots themed posts, everyone seems to offer up their opinion about the Pats. It's usually about how they get away with murder and special treatment. Blah blah blah. Then it's something like, "I can't be biased because I'm a such in such fan". News flash, all of our teams get beat every year. Not because they cheat or have special rules or whatever convoluted excuse you want to dream of. It's because they are better. They always win regardless of who plays for them. The 2 cornerstones are the coach and QB. That would put them both I the conversation of GOAT. Like it or lump it. Redskins fan here.

Victoria Vernon-Gable Gronk is a frat boy and nothing more.. The exact same douche bag that tries to hit on drunk girls cause real women wouldn't give him the time of day.  Any other player would've been hit with a penalty and/or fine.

Dustin White When a guy half your size is trying to cover you, what exactly have you accomplished?

Cory Joseph Kinda looks like taunting…. but they are the patriots you can't treat them like every other team in the league…….

Eric Wehmann Should have been a taunting penalty…but they erased that in Special Rules for Patriots Games" rulebook. A sequel to the "New Favorable Rules During Gametime" for the Patriots paid for by the Kraft Foundation

Michael Allen I absolutely adore all the Patriot haters out there. If you people didn't whine about how the Patriots cheat and how they get away with more things than any other team does, I suggest you go look at the Seahawks track record since Pete Carroll took over. How many infractions have been swept under the rug for that team…..oh right I forgot, they haven't won as many Super Bowls as the Patriots have….lol. Keep hating the Patriots people, love it

Robert Marcum Wouldnt this be considered taunting if anyone else did it? If gronk caught that ball james did, it would have been a touchdown. The refs missed an obvious hold on that last play. BTW, i didnt have a dog in this fight…ravens fan

Michael Gosney Jono there was a saints CB that broke up a pass and stood over the guy for a second and got done for unsportsmanlike 15 yd penalty… but gronk doesn’t get one for this hahaha. Man where’s the consistency

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