Grandpa Mason with his TinyTuxies colony

Here's Grandpa Mason with his TinyTuxies colony, doing his favorite thing… leaning on a tuxie whilst that tuxie scarfs down food (in this case, Pantsaroo). He just likes to lean in there with his head, wrap his tail around and then he stands there like that and purrs and drools. He only recently started attempting to sneak a kibble here and there. It's soooo adorable.

Mason is a little socially awkward (just like Cassidy the MiracleKitten), but he makes it work. 

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Supporters reacted:

June Crockett Sanders Sometimes I think mason had a family and they abandoned him which would explain his distrust for humans. I love grandpa mason and really appreciate you sharing him with us.

Jean Lester Wonder what Grandpa is thinking when he does that? Maybe he is glad that they have food! Such a nice cat!

Cathleen De Foor I love that he's attempting to socialize with the others-especially them not being kittens! He's really expanding his world!

Kay Maynard There will never be another Mason! He is so adorable. Would be nice if he would eat with them. Hope he has new kittens soon.

Heather Hoiness I don't know how Pantsaroo (or anyone else) can resist him! There are not enough ways to express how sweet that is.

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