Grandpa Mason Latest Update Today

Grandpa Mason Latest Update

Here's how Grandpa Mason is spending his evening after his Muppets went to their forever homes earlier today. He's quite content napping on his tiny sofa with his TinyTuxies in front of the fire. 

He's currently at 68% of his eating goal for today, which is slightly better than this time yesterday. The hardest part about managing his kidney disease so far is making sure he eats enough every day. This week has been a challenge, but he had a great week last week, so I'm hoping it all evens out. Sable and Pansy (our two newest Happy Forest ferals with kidney problems) had to borrow Grandpa's scale, so I haven't weighed him recently but will try to do so in the next few days.

Stay tuned, you never know when a new batch of rescue kittens will need a Grandpa!

grandpa mason latest updateGrandpa Mason 

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Fans reacted

Shirl Freeman Really love how your doing everything for GrandPa Mason to make his life good.. hope he eats a bit more & maybe gets some new kitty babies to take care of

Mallory Robbins Triplett Do you give Grandpa any supplements for kidney disease? My boy has end-stage kidney disease and we're trying to keep him from losing any more weight. We feed him As often as he wants to eat which is 3 or 4 times a day. Vet has not recommended a change in food so I'm curious what Grandpa's regimen might be.

Cindy Hutton My grandpa always loved when we visited, but he sure appreciated his rest when we left. Grandpa Mason will take it easy for a while and be all refreshed and ready to welcome the next set of kittens.

Karen Wrigley Do you think he gets depressed when the kittens leave and just goes off his food because he misses them or is this a cycle with a cat in kidney failure? Praying Grandpa Mason bounces back to eating hearty again. There are future rescue kittens that need him to teach them manners. Also, thank you for taking such good care of Grandpa and the other rescues.

Heidi Dockham Much love to Grandpa Mason! He’s earned a few days off. I’m with the others, I cherish his updates and shed a tear when thinking of the day he goes to the bridge! You are obviously doing a great job with him!

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