Grandpa Mason Update: He is very careful to be gentle

Grandpa Mason Latest Update and Video

Just two kittens wrestling… 
And in case anyone is worried, it looks a lot more rough than it really is. Grandpa gets SO EXCITED, but he is very careful to be gentle

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Tiny Kittens Live Cam

Supporters reacted to Grandpa Mason Latest Update and Video

P.D. Caldeira These kittens are giving Mason the socialization he didn't get when he was a kitten. I'm guessing Mason had to focus all of his energies as a little one on survival. These videos are lovely. Shows anyone (and any creature) can change with love and caring.

Ramona Rourke That was definitely a professional sleeper hold at 2:01! The boy truly does have wrestling skills! Lol

Brenda Marie Shaw I've noticed in some of these that if the kitten has had enough he squeals and Mason lets him up. They know how to tap out. 

June Patry Kittens are sooo dramatic Henson is having fun (for the most part I think this may be the feistiest litter Mason's had to deal with. Bean Bunny sure holds her own against Mason and her brothers

Cee Dee Grump'a couldn't decide between legs or wings so he playfully chomped on them all. Henson will return for another round! First he must master the rear leg kick-a-poo move!

Shannon Rosenman Grampaw is having a blast – so respectful of little Henson – but not letting him off too easy either <3 Thank God for 

Kimberley Jackshaw Mason cc: listen Henny you're going to "cat" because I say so.. I think you're awesome but you need some manners or it's back to the salon for you

Thada King My Sophie needed some Grandpa lovin’, she was separated from her mom too early and she just doesn’t know when to quit with the wrestling. My older cats have tried to teach her but she gets a little crazy.

Paula Michaud I think Henson has the upper paw because he jumped right back into wrestle mode with Grandpa Mason. I got a kick out of the other kitten scooting under the couch to get out of wrestling range. 

Brenda Sandefur Grandpa Mason loves wrestle teaching this little black one. I notice when our kitty wants to wrestle with me, those back paw thumps are just thumps ,nails aren't out like the front paws do. I love watching Grandpas energy level. He is soo cool

Gary Curran Mason brings years of wisdom from the feral life and imparts it to the kittens. Henson is going to be a terror in whatever home he ends up it, especially if there are other cats there. How I wish it could be my house. Of course, the kittens and the Tuxies bring a quality of life to Mason that he couldn't have imagined just two years ago.
I am so thankful for Shelly and what she goes through for the love of Mason, and all her charges. What a special person she is.

Pamela Hoorn Cruise Aaaww! Gpaw yes it does look rough but I saw him jump away when kitten squeaked. He is such a gentle giant to them. They are so lucky to have such a wonderful Gpaw. Thank y'all so much for sharing this. Mason is so worth all you have done for him. Bless all involved. May Gpaw have a long time to play with many more kittens.

Jeannine Otto Too sweet! Also, for anyone who worries, Grandpa IS petite and older so the kittens have about an even advantage, with their youth, agility and let's not forget those ultra-sharp kitten claws and teeth for defense! And those are some awesome moves by Henson! He's getting so big!

Marion Moccio We have 11 cats with an age range of 16 years to 6 months . Our younger males do this wrestling thing with varying intensity levels with each other. The youngest kitten is female and she is allowed to ambush and stalk all the older males with impunity.
Mason is clearly modulating his return moves with the younger ones and as someone else said ears are upright, no spitting and no actual bites just a gummy mouthful.

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