Grandpa Mason Pied-Pipers a demanding Bean Bunny

Grandpa Mason Cat Video

Grandpa Mason pied-pipers a demanding Bean Bunny to his lair for some post-snack snuggle time.

Grandpa Mason making biscuits and love "biting" Puck the kitten 

Grandpa Mason's surprise visit with his kittens, including purring

The Muppet Kittens Live Cam

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Fans reacted:

Cam Lufkin He looks as if he would be embarrassed by the hoomin noticing… but he loves his kittens too much to stop BB nursing.

Cathy Shikler-van Ingen Bean Bunny just adores Grandpa!! How will she live without him?

Kris Honsberger This is literally what its like trying to sit down when you have kids, lol

Dee Walter Kruleski Gotta love Grandpa Mason! But ain't no milk at that milk bar! Tee hee!

Susan Scheiberg Besides being the sweetest thing ever, where did you get that fabulous bed?

France Drouin I’ve been thinking that Grandpaw has probably earned his PhD in child psychology and social sciences. A diploma must be coming soon.

Jayme Lynn Cox Aww, Mason at first looked like he wanted to be left alone- Glad little one was able to convince him otherwise…So adorable I hope he will one day accept pets

Vicki LaMar At one time we had a female dog that was spayed. Momma cat tried to wean her kittens but they just moved to the dog who was happy to play Mom by playing with them and letting them nurse her.

Samantha Provost Wow Grandpa Mason amazes me more and more every. single. time. …He is wonderful and awesome, he was absolutely worth saving!

Mark Renn Are there any updates on Mason's condition? He seems to be doing rather well despite his disease.

Wendy Kreck She was spayed a couple of weeks again and went back to her family's barn last week Maureen


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