Grandpa Mason and His Kittens Update Today

Grandpa Mason and His Kittens Update

Grandpa Mason has started allowing petting from the Human while he's watching – a big step for him! Kittens are still required to be present, but it's still major progress for him. The Bean Bunny was pretty excited about it too.  
Even when I pushed it a little bit past his comfort level, he let me know without running away, and then after a minute accepted more pets.

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Supporters reacted to Grandpa Mason and His Kittens Updat

Pamela Hoorn Cruise oh Gpaw you're doing so well in becoming less feral. you know deep down this is a much better life than struggling outside for food and dealing with your illness. you are such a special kitty. i'm so happy you were caught and able to spend your latter years being loved and well cared for. bless you Gpaw for a miracle. love n hugs

Leasa Goodwin OMG that is amazing! Grandpa Mason and his kittens that must truly make your heart sing!! I have a feral (not as strong as Grandpa) and when i first trapped her, all i wanted to do was pet her and let her know in my language that she was safe and loved…. it was almost a year later that she started coming to me for pets and then later even snuggles.

Jeanette Jefferson That’s amazing!! And I’m so glad you went back for more and ended with him relaxed and letting you touch. I’m so happy!

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