Giraffe Gives Birth – Live Cam – April the Giraffe`s Poem

Giraffe Give Birth Livestream

We would like to introduce April`s Poem to you:

Oliver and April
My new favorite couple
Watching them on Facebook
Gives me such a chuckle

First thing in the morn’
Last thing at night
Gotta check in on “my April”
To make sure all is right

Watchin’ on my phone
Watchin’ on the tablet
The desktop, the laptop
I’m a creature of habit

Hay showers, camera licks
Romaine lettuce, baby kicks
Popped latches, open gates
New day comes, what more awaits
April and Ollie, you’re dear to me
As I’m sure, you clearly see
A gazillion viewers can’t be wrong
We’re so glad you came along

AAP you’re on my bucket list
To stay away, it’s too hard to resist
Thank you Jordan, Allysa and Corey
For sharing with us this wonderful story.


Giraffe Give Birth Livestream

Supporters react:

Paula Sweezey: "I am a McDonald's manager and tonight one of my crew kids asked me how April and her calf are, needless to say I was surprised that he asked, and he was surprised that the calf was still not born. My staff have embraced my obsession."

Pam Doherty: RE: NAMING THE BABY — Please consider the name of "Patches" for the newborn baby giraffe–AAP's wonderful owner is Jordan Patch and I believe the name of "Patches" would honor him and his wonderful staff and the love we all have for April, Oliver and AAP–a name fitting for a giraffe and for both a girl or a boy–an name that will be readily recognizable to all where ever the baby goes once he/she is weaned and rehomed

Brenda Ann Layton Settles: "All we had left to finish in home school was History. In the middle of discussing the appointment of General Bragg during the Civil War, I hear my oldest saying "oh no- oh no"; and my youngest exclams "April's escaping!" Of course I threw everything aside and had to see what they were going on about! Needless to say, we never finished . . Who can focus after that!?? My youngest assures me it's much more important that we witnessed two giraffes making history instead of just reading about history from a book".

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