Georgia Players Celebrate Rose Bowl Victory With Quavo On The Field

Quavo of Migos is one of the most well known rappers in the game and apparently he’s a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan.

So like much of the Georgia Bulldogs fanbase, he was celebrating the team’s legendary 54-48 victory over Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl expect Quavo got the celebrate it on the field with the players.

Quavo and Georgia fans will get a chance to celebrate in their home state next Monday, when the Bulldogs play in the National Championship Game.

The Bulldogs are seeking their first National Championship since the Herschel Walker days in 1980. One can imagine what Quavo’s reaction will be if Georgia wins it all next week in Atlanta.

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Viewer reacted:

Clay Farris Please drug test all players tomorrow. Guess how many would be suspended. Lmao. Rappers who wanna be athletes with athletes who wann be rappers. Lmao. Our society us such bunch of trolling sheep. Things they think are cool are really just meaningless events that so more harm than good. Guarantee after yall idiots post this crap that they will have alot of random tests. Let's wait and see how many are not gonna play. Unless they don't wanna know. Remember I told you first.

Steven Goetsch Quavo sounds like a fruit from Central America. “On today’s show, we are going to make a delightful quavo cous cous salad, perfect for your summer guests.”

Michael Daniels BREAKING: NCAA now investigating Georgia for improper benefits linked to celebrating with Altanta rapper Quavo on field after Rose Bowl. Say they already plan on giving the national championship to Alabama. 

When asked to comment NCAA president Mark Emmert just said, "Roll tide."

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