Georgia Fan Has An Epic Meltdown After Bulldogs Lose National Championship Game

If you were wondering how Georgia fans felt Monday night, this may sum it up.


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The Bulldogs lost the National Championship game on a blown coverage 2nd & 26 play in overtime, and fans reacted accordingly.

Viewers reacted:

Nick Johnson When you are hanging up old Miller light boxes on the wall it is time to reassess your life …

David Frank Leshowitz That's nothing. A Bills fan would of broken it off it's hinges, lit it on fire, and then do an elbow drop through it.

Bryce Heuett It wasn't even after they lost. This is after Fromm took the sack on 3rd down in OT…? I wonder what his reaction to the loss was?!

Matthew Stull I don’t think it’s the game he is upset about, i think he just realized a major contributing factor to his lifetime of being single is beer wallpaper doesn’t attract women

Chris Sousa Another week, another idiot beating up an in adamant object after a football game. 

First of all, it’s not even original. Now go seek psychiatric help. You’re clearly not stable enough to watch a recreational game

Eric Burke That man baby should call his landlord and complain about that paper thin door! If HE could punch holes in it like that it’s not going to keep any burglar from doing the same.

Chris Tex Edwards So, we're filming fans of teams now after they lose? This is so old, like the 28-3 jokes. Although I will say the inbred piece of crap destroying his TV last year was priceless.
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