Fox News Sunday December 17, 2017

Fox News Sunday  December 17, 2017

Senator-elect Doug Jones (D-AL) says he's looking forward to meeting President Trump: "We had a very good talk, no substance but just kind of a personal call…I'm looking forward to getting up there and trying to find those issues that we can work together on."

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has "no doubt" the GOP tax bill will pass this week. What do you think of the plan

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Jim Evans Wallace is in the tank for the swampers: The biggest scandal in history and he doesn't address it.

Dianne Alford Shaw Doug best enjoy it while he can… he won't be there but 2 years.

John Mills He says that now but Schumer and Pelosi will have him spouting leftist crap in no time.

Greg Thorlaksen A question about the Tax Overhaul: Democrats have seized on the "this will raise the deficit over 1 trillion dollars over 10 years"… Where was their concern for the national debt when Obama raised the national debt by over 8 trillion dollars in 8 years with near zero growth? To me 1 trillion over 10 years, even if it is not offset by economic growth, seems acceptable in comparison.

Robert Poggi I really would like to know what kind of answer does Chris expect when he asks a democrat what he thinks about a republican proposal? Does he really think democrats would praise republican proposals or visa versa? It is just a dumb question.

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Merri Jordan I don't think it will raise my taxes. I don't see ANY restriction or changes to deductions I use. I don't give a flying fig whether the rich get a tax rate cut..they pay the majority of taxes anyway.

I really love the Ovomitcare mandate removal.

I am FOR the tax reform bill.

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