Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 12-3-17 – Fox News – December 3,2017

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

Todayis 12-3-17 – Fox News – December 3,2017

“People wanting to keep more of their hard-earned money. That's what you see in the bills."

On "Fox News Sunday," Sen. John Barrasso discussed tax reform and the potential government shutdown


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Viewers reacted:

Timothy White Why the rush? Oh, that’s right, you want to jamb this down our throats before Trump is impeached. Your secret is safe with me,

Alisia Solis It’s funny how you liberals are quick to react on everything . I don’t know about y’all but I’m tired of paying high taxes. Let’s get this done.

Anna Miller Grabowski This bill only helps the richest people and every objective report confirms that. Republicans can lie all they want, but they can't fool all of the people all of the time. They are doing things that are going to hurt a lot of people, including a lot of the suckers who voted for them.

Lynn Trumble He's complaining of a 2 week extension, but under Obama, we had long waits for taxes and were lucky to have even gotten paid. Taking away any funds going out to illegals is a huge matter to many of us legal citizens. We are tired of "our" monies going out to them and to sanctuary cities all together.

Taking away mandatory Obamacare is awesome because nobody should have to pay for medical bills of others or that they don't even use! I know many that came to the U.S and became citizens through the legal ways and they so terribly hate that the illegals are getting so much also.

I do feel that it should be mandated that all funds that corporations will be saving should go to the employees not the share holders in said corporations!! As doing things in such a way would still be keeping the employees at their same income level thus, not boosting the economy as needed!

Timothy Price When i hear things like this i hear bla bla bla. What i want to know is, will i get a ssi check in January? I have no investments, i own no property, can't take advantage of earned income tax or child tax credit for my kids because i can't work anymore. Don't care about medicare because as a vet the va takes care of my medical. I just want to know that the money i paid in all those years will still be coming.

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