Fiona the Hippopotamus: Fiona did need to clear her throat

Fiona isn't always graceful but she's always cute! Did you know the water in our 65,000 gallon pool in Hippo Cove comes from recycled rainwater that we collect in underground tanks? Up to 400,000 gallons of filtered rainwater sits below the Zoo in specially designed storm water systems. This water is used in many ways throughout the Zoo – irrigating gardens, cleaning of animal areas, and filling pools for many of our animals

Hippo hairball? Not really but Fiona did need to clear her throat.


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Supporters react:

Larry Gauger Just surfing and found adorable Fiona the baby hippo. We live in Green Valley Az. So Fiona is becoming well known with my family & friends from Oshkosh, Wisconsin and surrounding cities, Twin Falls Idaho area, Albuquerque New Mexico and surrounding areas in Arizona where we currently live!!! We will keep watching.

Liana Carbón I know she's growing by leaps and bounds (for which we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!) but even though she's growing up, I hope you'll continue posting these wonderful snippets of a moment in Fiona's life. Such a smile it brings to my face!

Teresa Hopper Yes, Fiona sure IS cute and I am Impressed and so glad to know of the care and planning of these zoo attractions. I have always been concerned and wondered where all the water came from since parts of the world are in such dire need of water (rain). I feel the same concern about people who have home pools…they don't use the same care

Peter Wine Fiona is just having fun, no need to be graceful, anyway. And I love that you recycle rain water. I just added another 55 gallon rain barrel to my house, for my expanding gardening, and love it.

Fran Schur We got to see her nostril today while she napped with Henry and Bibi. Henry was like her body guard keeping the paparazzi at bay so she could nap, lol.

Carol Dunn We were there a few days ago. She is so precious. She was standing next to Henry. Next thing you know, she fell over and laid on her side. Then she swam over to us. She is just adorable.

Michelle Cervillera Miller We have fed her papa Henry watermelon many times at DPZ as part of their behind the scenes encounters with him. I hope she loved it as much as him!

Sherilyn Stephens Thanks so much for all the beautiful pics and videos you share. They brighten my day tremendously! God bless ALL zoo keepers, etc. Thank you for taking such great care of these precious babies


 fiona legging

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