Fiona the Hippo With Dad Henry, Interacting – Henry is not 100%

Fiona the Hippo With Dad 

Fiona and her Dad, Henry, interacting. Henry is not 100% but he's made enough of an improvement for his care team to put the whole family back together.

Henry Hippo Cincinnati

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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo With Dad 

Terry Tyler To everyone second-guessing the zoo's hippo team in putting Henry in with Fiona, I'm going to assume the actual experts know more than you do. The other day he played with her quite a bit and as you can see today when Henry lets her know she's not interested, she gets it and backs off. Families of all species do this on a regular basis, love the moment of Fiona the Hippo With Dad 

Paula Bourne Some of Henry's moves seem to be aggressive and dominant. How safe is Fiona in this environment, especially if Henry isn't feeling well?

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Bethann Lewis Moulin So glad Fiona is able to be with her family. I'm worried about Henry though. He still just looks so tired to me. I hope whatever his medical issue is will not affect Fiona and BiBi. Fiona makes everyone feel goodness in the world

Lily Lottes Poor Henry. He just wants to be laid back and Fiona is all "Dad play with me". He seems to be getting the message across to her though so she then goes to her adoring fans for attention LOL Feel better Henry. Fiona is a good girl. She's just a baby and you're an older dad. You too will find a happy median when you are feeling like yourself again. Bibi can always entertain the kid LOL. Hippo hugs and kisses to the family.

Saundra 'Sam' Lamb Walker She's so young.. And I am sure confused about Henry there, not there, he seems to be a little nervous around her.. And so I think the are finding each other limits.. So sweet to see the interaction.. Glad he is back with his family…

Judith Di-Sandolo I'm really really really pleased that Henry is feeling better !! …… but he is so huge in comparison to baby Fiona x He does not look ar all that safe to be around his young daughter !! Take care Fiona xxx

Eileen Jones Missed seeing Henry yesterday with his girls but more important for him to get back to 100%! I'm sure his caregivers will help him, just like they did Fiona!

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Linda Dickinson Fiona wants to play and dad pushed her away several times could dad hurt her ? Please keep your eyes on them? Maybe dad's too old to enjoy playing with her?

Sue TruhnGriffin Looks like he is saying, "go away girl, you bother me". Glad he puts up with her even though he doesn't feel good.

Jennifer Bell Aaawwwww ! omg she is such the little ham ! What happens when winter comes ? I've never been to ur zoo ? Is there an indoor pool of sorts for them ? Or do they still go outdoors ?

Helen Woodyard I wonder if he isn't jealous of the attention that Bibi gives to Fiona and not him? Maybe he's depressed? I think he acts annoyed with Fiona!

Connie Cole Hopefully Henry gets feeling better he doesn't look like he's in the mood to play,whatever he has I hope he doesn't pass it on to Fiona or bibi, so glad to see that he is back out.

Sharon Badgerow Poor henry…fionas being gentle but henry at times seems disinterested..I wonder if he gets aggressive…or just not feelinit

Brenda M McComas I hope she wasn't away from daddy to long, he seems annoyed . She was doing her best to show how much she's grown and trying to play like with mommy . Wasn't working poor Henry.

Brenda Butler Henry is an OLD MAN. Must be difficlt having a child dancing circles around you, especially if you don't feel well. Feel better Henry!

Robert Mathews You can tell Henry doesn't feel well just by his actions and reactions and you can tell Fiona sees that and I was concerned very cool watching them interact thank you

Lynne Richie South Hope Henry can recover 100%. How old is he? How long do they usually live? Fiona…you be nice to your Dad! She's fiesty…

Jacqueline Capucine Fiona the little princess dancing near her father on her little leggs, she is a little hippo doll. Henry seems proud of his little girl

Elizabeth Ivey Tippin Hope Henry gets back to 100% soon. It's cool seeing the fish cleaning Henry and Fiona being call with her Dad. It's amazing how they sence illness

Brenda Smith That's awesome!! It's nice to have the whole family together again. Maybe the people that go to the Cincinnati Zoo will be able to see them or that exhibit.?

Patricia Harlen Keith Fiona, I was so happy to see you and your Mamaw this weekend at the zoo!! Your daddy was resting. You and your family are so PRECIOUS!

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