It’s official – Fiona is the world’s sassiest hippo ever!

Fiona the hippo video

It's official – Fiona is the world's sassiest hippo ever!

Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo Video

Katherine Bingham So cute I wish I was there 

Kasey Sosby  this is pretty much what brightens today 

Stephanie Melissa Juvera Looks like my daughter when I try and make her eat her veggies

Maria Unkel Oh my ! Fiona is acting like terrible twos. Love you Fiona

Katie Fallon She's like every human baby! She doesn't want the food in front of her, she wants the food momma is eating.

fiona the hippo videoFiona the Hippo 

Katie Heffernan Please someone write a sassy soundtrack voice for this Fiona the Hippo video

JC Omerp To zoo peeps, was momma snapping her mouth as a communication to Fiona or…someone to "knock I off" or something?

Mary Nelson She is feeling her oats , she may want to sit with her mom a little bit because Mama might give her a spanking

Jay Drizzler I'm pretty sure she's singing the song of her people. We humans are just unable to hear it because it's so fabulous

Rachel Duvall-Shaw She is so happy, healthy, and well-adjusted-it shows

Debbie Barger The last time I was at the Cincinnati Zoo was on July 1rst 2016 with my daughter Megan. The next day I went into Cardiac Arrest while driving. I didn't remember anything from the zoo. Yesterday July 29th I was there with my daughter again. Apparently she brought me there to see if I could remember anything. I actually did. I remembered at the lions den that I met 1 of the teachers from Quebec Height and also in front of the steps at the bird house I remembered petting a turtle. I was so happy I remembered. I also had a really great time with my daughter and the penquins.

Maureen Stewart Why don't Fiona and Kendi the baby rhino have a play date?? That would be so cute!! Or don't Rhinos and Hippos get along???

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