Fiona weighed in at 475 pounds this morning!

Fiona weighed in at 475 pounds this morning!

fiona the hippo weightFiona the Gippo : Look at those rolls


Fiona the Hippo Teeth


Supporters react:

Michelle Dunn Can barley recognize her from her baby pics. Like she's grown 200lbs over night! 

Deborah James Lovely smile, I can see teeth coming through

Kate Davey Missed her on Saturday! She was hiding out behind Bibi.

Diane Boney Beautiful Fiona, the only girl who can tip the scale and were all happy about it

Linda Branam Way to go Fiona!!! So glad you're doing well!

Susan Carpenter And clearly she is very proud of that! What a delight to continue to follow her progress!

Dora Armstrong Yeah Fiona!! Good girl and I love your little teefers coming out.

Candi Imming She looks more grown up hippo in these pictures. Does she still let you rub her mouth and teeth?

Liz Munsey What a big girl! Grow baby girl, grow! And look at those teeth!

Debby Hardy She is just as cute now as she was as a baby

Danielle Vance 500 by Friday! Come on Fi!

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