Latest Update on Fiona the Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo

Latest Update on Fiona the Hippo Stuffed Animal Cincinnati Zoo

Forget winter… Fiona is coming! The Fiona Show that is!

fiona the hippo stuffed animal

Fiona the Hippo 

Tomorrow will be the launch of episode one which will include never before seen footage of her birth!


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We’ve set up an online memory to honor Henry, help us

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Supporters react:

Cathy LeTard Butler Fiona is such a "little" miracle! I love Fiona, Bibi, & Henry. The Hippo is my spirit animal. FIONA'S story is so touching

Betty Krause I hope the Facebook pics & posts will continue

JoAnn Smith Only the female hippos bite force has been measured at a whopping 1821 pounds per square inch. Just because she is used to humans, remember she is an animal. Remember Tilikum in the Dine with Shamu show. Just remember to respect Fiona as an animal, especially as she gets older.

Lindy Danes I will absolutely watch this show! I love Fiona and Bibi and Henry. I'm obsessed with them. I just can't get enough Fiona and now there's going to be a show. Thank you Cincinnati Zoo. Much love from Culver City, California.

Lisa Cuffy Anyone else marvel at how strange it is that we all can love this animal SOO MUCH! Some have never seen her in real life, most never will but the feelings of love are genuine. The smile on your face as you watch her is so completely uncontrollable!!! Thank you Cinci Zoo for sharing!

Felicia Carle Snider I have been following Fiona since the very beginning. She has already stolen my heart! I cried when she was struggling and shouted for joy when she excelled! I am so happy that she persevered! I am excited to be able to watch the new show! Love, love, love this baby hippo!

Linda Crews Carter Saw Fiona and her Mom today. What an incredible little girl!! The Cincinnati Zoo was wonderful. Breakfast with the African Lions was a remarkable experience. If you haven't had a chance to visit this zoo, do so now. Fiona is growing quickly! Thank you for saving Fiona's life!

Mango Sistah Great. Just hope you change the background music to something that's not so dramatic and repetitive…it's distracting from the subject matter. I know I can always turn it off, but music can really be a wonderful addition if it fits right. The first video I saw of Fiona was when she was playing in her pool, and took a "bite" of her keeper's leg. The music was really part of the hook.

Bobbi Goldberg Purnomo She had me at "hello"! No, seriously, I have watched her with love and admiration from the start of her young life. She is an inspiration! Thank you, Cincinnati Zoo for all you've done for her! I was a NICU Nurse in Dallas for years and never knew the care and technology we used would be used to save a premie hippo!

Susie McCoy Chaney Tears in my eyes watching and remembering how little she was and all the work on her and her care teams part to help her grow up healthy. She still melts my heart! Thank you, thank you for everyone who took such great care of her then and now… and Fiona have brought a bit of hope and happiness into a world that needs it in these times


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