Fiona the Hippo Story: Nose to nose with Miss Fiona at Cincinnati Zoo

Nose to nose with Miss Fiona. "Pachyderm" is Greek for pachydermos, meaning, "thick skinned."

It's used to describe animals such as an elephant or a hippopotamus.

fiona the hippo story

Fiona the Hippo


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Supporters react:

Teresa Atkinson It's funny how such a creature could warm our hearts so much.

Terri Couser Matheney She's certainly a ham for the camera! Love this little hippo

Teresa Lynn Brown I see her special skin…wow that is so interesting and slimy looking…

Margaret Armendariz And in greek, hippo means "horse" and potamus means "river." Hippos are also known the "water horse."

DwightandPenny Decker Love Fiona!!!!! She is so cute

Betty Krause A thick skinned reminder from Fiona ~~we got this

Connie Hughes-Townsend I love Fiona and Kendi both so much and love being able to see them, their families and all of the activities at the zoo via this site all the way from Colorado!

Judith Di-Sandolo Better listen Fiona because Mum always knows best !! 
xxx love Fiona and Bibi and Henry xxx Hope he is feeling better xxx 

Cyndi Hughes Sammons I wish Fiona and Kendi could play together while babies would be so cute

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