Fiona The Hippo Song: Baby Hippo Fiona is 6 Months Old

Fiona The Hippo Song 

Baby Hippo Fiona is 6 Months Old


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Happy 6 Month Birthday premature baby hippo Fiona! You've come a long way!!! Now get ready to have this song by Chris Rowlands get stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

 fiona legging

Supporters reacted to Fiona The Hippo Song:

Cathy  What a beautiful song for a beautiful girl!  Thank you for sharing Fiona with the world.  Her care team totally rocks!!

Nyxxsify At the Cincinnati Zoo a little hippo caused a big hullabaloo. I love that line! She really has and made her way into our hearts. The team has done such a wonderful job, you should all be proud. Happy 6 months Fiona! 

Palmento Awesome job, you did at the zoo!!!  Fiona is beautiful and adorable!  Happy 6-month-old Birthday, Fiona!

Hope Sears
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas 
Only a hippopotamus will do 
No crocodiles, no rhinosauruses 
I only likes hippopotamuses and love Fiona The Hippo Song

G Smith ALL my science kids love Baby Fiona… I've shown this video to all my science classes here in Brooklyn, NY.  Today I heard some kids humming "The Fiona Song" as they were walking down the hall.  Thank you, Cincinnati Zoo for this amazing teaching tool that is also just the sweetest bundle of love!

Patty Lanenga The song is really sweet, She truly is a blessing and I'm ecstatic that she has beaten all the odds and has grown into a happy and healthy chubby little girl. Her caregivers are legitimate miracle workers with your sacrifices and dedication to little Fiona, you have done a phenomenal  job in seeing her through all the difficulties that she had ahead of her! Her parents really seem to love her so much and she deserves all the attention she gets since she is an incredibly adorable little superstar

Deb Murphy Happy 6 month birthday Fiona.  It's so wonderful to see you in the pool with mom and dad.  The song was wonderful Chris and yes it will be stuck in my head.  Most of all a big SHOUT OUT TO THE ZOO KEEPERS who helped Fiona reach this mile marker.

Sallie Berg What an amazing job Team Fiona has done raising her and then letting her go as she becomes more hippo than just baby Fiona.  Excellent teamwork, adorable hippo and appropriately wonderful song

Tullamore This little babe has gone through so much but the care she's had has just been amazing. She definitely wouldn't have made it if it were not for the great people at this zoo. A lovely story and an adorable hippo, never thought I'd like a hippo this much!


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