Fiona the Hippo Shower: Premature Baby Hippo Fiona Gets a Ramp for Her Pool 

Fiona the Hippo Shower

Seems like Fiona likes to look at her fans as much as they like to look at her! She's a ham

fiona the hippo showerFiona the Hippo 

Premature Baby Hippo Fiona Gets a Ramp for Her Pool 

Fiona the Hippo Shower – Supporters react:

Estella Bunny Howe Looks like "mommy" is keeping close tabs on baby Fiona. How cute. So much fun watching this little one. I think because she was "raised by humans" her interactions and actions will be much different from other baby rinos.

Roberta Bailey lol! she's still kind of a little ham…still doesn't look even as big as mom's head. i think fiona is just wonderful. thank you #TeamFiona you should be so very proud of all your hard tireless work. we love you!

Barb Finke I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Fiona was met to come when she did because their was an experience staff and plenty of love waiting for her. The world needed a Fiona and love Fiona the Hippo Shower

Maggie Layne Her caregivers have been the best parents ever to her teaching her everything she needed know to survive and also teaching her independence and how to socialize and we'll, now they are letting her be a hippopotamus! Great accomplishment for the Cincinnati Zoo!

Tina Nicole Kraucz This is precious. God's beautiful Blessings…Fiona and Bibi. Thank you to the staff for your care. To all visitors…enjoy your time there today! I've never been there yet

Lily Lottes Oh she's a ham alright. Even had the Diva temper tantrum yesterday LOL. At least Bibi is keeping a close eye on her. She'll keep her in live and grounded LOL

Cassandra Maynard I so love the "glass" viewing windows that some zoos have now! What a great way for people to get "up close" with animals they otherwise would not be able to see except at a distance.

Jennifer Bell She is SUCH the little ham ! I think she's going to be such the social butter fly bc of how she was raised ~ with all the human contact with her 24/7. She was a premie for a reason

Joyce Elaine Davidson We waited and waited yesterday and only got to see a glimpse of her head and back end!! Henry and Bibi just wanted to sleep! They were blocking Fiona to the back……keeping her in the shallow water.

Tracey R Harrison I love how her mom is right there with her. A natural behavior even in animals. Go Fiona your doing good!! Cant wait see you in person one day.

Lora Thacker who would have imagined that hippo could cause so many happy memorys for years to come she is amazing kids will tell their kids storys of the baby hippo named fiona

Wren Davis Mills I wonder if she interacts with people differently because she was "hand raised" as compared to other baby hippos? Surely sure does?

Nancy Gene Armstrong What a photo-mom and baby-thank you for the continued post on Fiona-makes me smile so much knowing she was almost lost-great work TEAM FIONA!!!

Maria Stikeleather Patterson She's always tucked into her little cove when we see her. She did do a short stroll for us a few weeks ago.

Carolyn Boatman Why don't you and Chelsea come stay at our B&b (N.Ky) and I will take you to the Cincinnati zoo- to baby talk Fiona-myself- wes and I would love that!

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