Fiona the Hippo Show: Episode 1 – The Beginning

Fiona the Hippo Show

Happy Birthday Henry!! Papa hippo is 36 years old today. He is on the road to recovery after struggling with some stomach issues recently and is acting more like himself.


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He's being responsive and greeting keepers and asking for food by opening his mouth when they approach.

Fiona the Hippo Show

We are hoping that he'll be completely back to normal Henry soon and back out with the girls.

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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo Show

Karen Vaughn Bare: Thank you for Fiona the Hippo Show , Fiona's story is truly remarkable. There could not be a better ambassador for the Cincinnati Zoo and the work the staff does to save species. From the beginning of her life she has shown spunk and so much personality. I was at the zoo today and watched in awe as Fiona and Bibi swam together. Simply amazing and full of hope!

Deah Forthome Amazing! I've been following Fiona since she was born. What an amazing job by the care takers at the Cincinnati Zoo. What you guys did for Fiona is remarkable, not to mention what you did for the future of hippos being born in captivity! Job well done all

Christine Stanley LOVED IT. To see the actual birth and all the back story in the scary first few weeks of her life, awesome. Fiona is the ambassador for our Zoo. And what a "beauty". I love this girl.

Fay Herrin Thank you so much Cincinnati Zoo….so amazing to see this tiny little creature survive the most difficult start to life. And a big thank you to all the dozens of volunteers who were with Fiona 24/7 …… just a beautiful video!

Naomi Karth I love that you were able to get colostrum for her! In human preemies the mom creates special preterm breast milk and that may have been one of the most important things you did to keep her healthy!

Kristen O'Brien We saw Fiona yesterday- my son's last day of summer as school started today! I felt like a grandma seeing her grandbaby for the first time and my normally "too cool" son lit up when she wiggles her ears and started bouncing around the pool. Fiona is in our hearts! Great video- can't wait to hear more of her story

Jonnie Williams I love Fiona but I feel just as much love for all the people who cared for her every minute of the day and night. 
Amazing things have happened because of the absolute dedication to keeping her alive! The Cincinnati Zoo can now help other zoos around the world should another preemie hippo happen! 
I know that Fiona is the true Million Dollar Baby (it must have cost at least that much to keep her alive), but the end result is worth every Penny!
Thank you, Cincinnati, for sharing every step with us. You have made us all a part of your family.

Saundra 'Sam' Lamb Walker Super !!!.. Now more and more can enjoy and learn such a wonderful story of how to take care of another wonderful creature and how with all the Love, knowledge and Caring.. Great things can Happen.. Thanks again and again.. Cincinnati Zoo!

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