Fiona the Hippo Showing off Her Porpoising skills

Fiona the hippo shirt

Fiona showing off her porpoising skills . "hippos can't really swim" scenario and this is  a video that will raise your eyebrows

Fiona is spending nearly 24 hours a day with mom Bibi now! Overnight she and Bibi are together but separated from Henry, though they still have howdy access to each other so they can all get nose-to-nose. Separating overnight ensures that the adult hippos have plenty of time to eat their diet items without getting into fights or someone (Bibi) hogging everything and gaining a bunch of weight.

Supporters react:

Lisa Saling She was doing that for her fans. She knows they love her and she was giving back some love.

Peggy White Fangman Omg. Hippos in ballet suits. Isn't that in a Disney movie?

Rose Conner This reminds me of Fantasia and the hippos dancing around the fountain. One of my favorite Disney tapes

Tracy Kesner-Hardwick Ok, I don't know if it is me, or does everyone else think Fiona is the most beautiful hippo they ever seen!!! She is so photogenic and works that camera

Kathy Baker Donovan I personally cannot thank you enough for posting that sweet Fiona every day. The last month has really been hard on me, and Fiona gives me a reason to smile every day thank you

Marion Seppala Holly She's just beautiful. I love how she was reunited with her mama and daddy to be a normal family. Bibi has done a great job of being a mother to Fiona.

Sandy Buchwalter Let's face it: hippos are not Mother Nature's most attractive creatures. That being said, how come Fiona is so darn cute? This picture demonstrates that beauty can be found everywhere… And Bibi seems to be smitten with her, too! Thanks, Cincinnati Zoo!

Yetta Lass Fiona is so happy with her Mom. What a nice family and Bibi seems very happy to have this little one too. Great Job Cincinnati Zoo.

fiona the hippo shirt

Fiona the Hippo 

Cynthia Seely This one should be photo of the year! so much love and happiness you all at the Cincinnati Zoo my hat is of to you all! you created a Love Bug, that Fiona just can not find the perfect words for her

Judy Chivers Thanks for posting everyday..I'm in Texas and have been keeping up..Maybe someday we can visit Ohio. Would love to see all the Zoo Animals.

Liz Sapp Oh just look at our beautiful BALLERINA FIONA !!!! She is so wonderful. She has been fighting for her life and what a life it is. Thank you for the picture. Could we please have some more video of her moving around. We have watched her movements from the start of her life. I would love to see more. Thanks again for this photo. BALLERINA FIONA FAN

Lily Lottes TeamFiona did a wonderful job. Fiona is one happy hippo. She brightens our day just seeing a pic or watching a video of her.

Kelly Ann My daughter was so excited to see Fiona today as we visited from Cleveland. She was hiding behind mom but we saw her little ears above water and legs below.

Suzanne Gatewood Fiona is just the cutest little hippo! She is so photogenic! She almost looks like she is in a movie! Just love her so!

Ingrid Thorngren Gordon Fiona is amazing. I have been following her story from the beginning. I just love this zoo.

Christine Wadsworth Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy watching how good Fiona is doing. I love her and I am so happy she spends her time now with her momma and her daddy

Lori Rubin-Williamson Judy Weaver Rubin, good idea. If you ask Dave for a hippo, you'll probably get any other animal you want as a substitute.

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Ludack Lesley I didn't get to see the baby hippo yesterday bc it was to packed there was a line 2 see baby

Margaret Mast I think that this little growing girl is always going to be friendly. Her life began in the hands of several loving, caring people. Well done!

Melinda A Shelton I agree with Kim, Fiona is a star all her own. I love to see you everyday, you make me smile just watching you Fiona. You are the sunshine in my dreary day. She's a little ham with the camera, just like a human baby would be.

Libby McNeil Of course she knows when the camera is on her. She knows she has a following awaiting her. She is a star and has stolen so many hearts world wide. We Love her and deserves all the attention she gets.

Jen Werfelman No matter how bad of a day you have, you can always rely on Fiona to make it better! It has been a wonderful memory that the zoo has given us to be able to watch her grow and learn!

Mary Alice Denaro She is so social and a great little swimmer. It is wonderful to see her doing so well. Wish I could see her. I live in Florida now but when I was growing up I could walk to to zoo. My fun moments.

Alice Miller I love her so much from St Louis love the blogs so special. Making my difficult days brighter thank you for all you do and share it with us!



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