Fiona the Hippo Sassy: Two of Fiona’s Favorite things the hose and being sassy

Fiona the Hippo Sassy 

Fiona the Hippo fixFiona the Hippo Fix

Two of Fiona's favorite things – the hose and being sassy


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Supporters react to fiona the hippo sassy

Lynne Applegarth She is such a character. I look for commentary on her everyday. Need to create a stuffed baby hippo with Fiona's name engraved on one side. Would sell a lot of them.

Mary Ann Zimmerman Carney I was there today and visited her 3 times. Unfortunately she was laying against Bibi every time I was there. I was hoping to see her swimming and playing.

I am here from Atlanta and have followed her story from the beginning. My grandsons have seen her several times since they live near the zoo and have the yearly membership. Oh well, maybe next time

Wanda Francisco Stanley Went to see Fiona yesterday, unfortunately we didn't get to see her she had went back to her enclosure a few minutes before we got there. But we got to see her parents Bibi and Henry, will be going back as soon as we find out the time's that she will be out.

Saralyn Lash Thanks so much for sharing Fiona's story and continued progress! It is something I follow with my nieces–we are learning a lot from her episodes and have shared so many "awe" moments!

Doreen Warner Wouldn't it be fun if (some of us didn't live so far) we could meet and all visit our Sweet Fiona together….! We all love her so much it would be Great to share the bond that we have for her!

Carolyn Dean No matter what she's doing, she always looks right at the camera. I think she knows how beautiful she is

Lynne Chamberlain She floats through the water with the greatest of easy that daring young hippo on the on the watery stream. Dah da da lala

Julie Vogt-beason Fantasia in the flesh. Disney would have had fun w/ her. hmmm I wonder if there is a movie for her thru Disney.

Janet Matherly Rowland Love that girl. It must be difficult for her caretakers not to be able to pet her and hold her as they did when she was smaller. I'm sure their instinct is to reach out and pet her, but they can't because of the danger.

Gwen Christensen I love Fiona's sass! To me her behavior is completely joyful, which is wonderful to see. Zoo animals deserve to be happy and well loved.

Laurel Goble Do they have an inside tank for winter since they spend a lot of they're time in water to keep their skin wet or do you just hose them down in winter?

Randi Scheurer My daughter and her husband calls my granddaughter Fiona "Sassy" when she shows her willful side…I'm a fan of this little hippo as she does remind me of my granddaughter Fiona-


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