Fiona the Hippo Running: Fiona is Fast on Land, She is Testing Out Her Speed

Fiona the hippo running

Several people have asked if Fiona is fast on land. Here she is testing out her speed. Hippos have been clocked at running 19mph over short distances.


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Supporters react to Fiona the hippo running

Kathy Wynne Rossell OMG that's adorable! You go Fiona! She looks so small compared to her mama! Love her
Thanks for sharing!

Teri Swingle She looks like me from behind trying to run. Lol love her

Cheryl Toops Berry Sending positive thoughts and prayer her daddy gets better soon

Leda Smith I show you how fast I can run, my Fiona, love this baby.

JeanineAnn Scudder Elson I don't think there is anything our girl can't do she is amazing at everything

Ann Rowe I got chased by a large male hippo in Kenya … They are very quick on the flat

Janet Knost Mowl Looks like the answer is yes she can run fast

Michele Morrisey That's precisely what I look like when I run!

Catherine Burks Sewell So glad she is doing so good and growing up to be such a sweet girl. Hope her daddy is doing better.

Sue Smucker Awww – look at that chubby little girl go! You're fast Fiona!

Erica Graves Never thought I would fall head over heels for a baby hippo! Can’t get enough of her!!

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