Fiona the Hippo Family Feunion: Episode 5 – Family Reunion

Fiona the Hippo Reunited

Episode 5 – Family Reunion. The labor of love to get Fiona strong and healthy would only be a true success if her care team could safely reintroduce her to her Mom and Dad.


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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo Family Feunion

Barb Orlett Hammer These are so wonderful. I hope that when Fiona reaches adulthood (or whenever you end The Fiona Show) that you will consider creating a DVD of all episodes and sell them in the gift shop and online. What an amazing educational tool, and an entertainment source! that would be.

Anna Prewitt Cincinnati Zoo Keeper are just wonderful. I wait every week for the next episode. Thank you for taking great care of this beautiful baby.

Teresa Perry Miller  Fiona the Hippo Family Feunion, love it, Thanks you much. I so enjoyed watching the Fiona show. I looked forward to it every Tuesday. So glad they are a family and it is going fabulous. Thank you all for all you do for Fiona and all the other animals. I do believe that without all of her caretakers she would not be here today. To me you are all her 

Dominic Huber For accredited zoos, hand-rearing by zookeepers is strictly a last resort. Zookeepers don't want to hand-rear because even though they can provide for the physical needs of their animals; they cannot teach their animals how to act like their species. It's better to let the mothers take care of them so that the baby learns everything about being that animal. Zookeepers only intervene when it is absolutely necessary.


Suzanne Fitzpatrick You guys are so special all your time and love has paid off 10 fold!!!You make this world a much better placei will always love Fiona Bibi and Henery they are a part of my life.Thank you so much

Chris Lickel I love this family of hippos!! After getting off to such a rough start, I am so grateful that her caregivers were able to nurture her to become a healthy, happy hippo

Lily Lottes Amazing success story Team Fiona. What an incredible experience to have had with such a positive outcome. Love and socialization made all the difference for this little girl.

Nicole Stafford This was going to be a question. Did momma know her baby since they had been separated. Was she able to hang out with momma at all when she was little little?

Patty O'Brien Love this little gal with her fat butt!!!! She is so smart thanks to her wonderful humans! Tears and hugs to you on the accomplishments you have made with YOUR little girl 


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