Fiona Update: Fiona the Hippo Reunited with Parents

Fiona the Hippo Reunited with Parents

Fiona's family! A group of hippos is called a bloat.

Fiona the Hippo family


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Supporters react:

Susan Humphreys So happy to see them together! What a family, and such a treat for all of us to watch them bond and grow together. Fiona is beyond cute!

Yetta Lass Gosh Henry still does not look himself but glad he is recovering. Take good care of him. And Fiona you behave with your DAD

MaryAnn Buck Oh, Henry. Be well. I know what it's like to be old and have little ones wear you out. Lots of people think you are just as special as Fiona & Bibi

Carri Brown Mefford I'm glad Henry is feeling better enough to hang out with Bibi and Fiona. Hoping he'll be around to enjoy lots more time with Fiona. But he's 36, in a species where life expectancy is 35…He is quite an old guy…

Helen Loesch For the comments about "adult time" between Bibi and Henry….it was mentioned at one time by the hippo caregivers that Bibi was put on contraceptives, as they didn't want another baby hippo. Fiona wasn't fully integrated into the bloat at that time.

Jane OBrien Jaw opens so big it almost seems to dislocate = what do they eat that requires that wide an opening?

Kathi Kolb Hope Henry will fully recover. Babies of any species can be very tiring though, so it's good to see him having some energy for Baby Fiona

Dina Minella McCafferty   Fiona's family!!! I was a longtime ex-Zoo membership for years. I've decided to sign us family to have the Zoo membership back soon

Diane Ross This is a wonderful pic with the water looks very natural 


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