Fiona the Hippo Ramp and Showing Her Mischevious Smile

Fiona the Hippo Ramp and Showing Her Mischevious Smile

Fiona showing her mischevious smile.

fiona the hippo ramp

Fiona the hippo 

Miss Fiona got in on the pumpkin fun! HallZOOween is every Saturday and Sunday in October from noon – 5pm


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Fans react:

Martha Grunwald Koelemay Love the pinata for the elephants! (Wish I had one of them to break open mine, they are so hard for me to cut into!

Tracie Redleaf Are the peacocks still at the Cincinnati zoo? I didn't see them walking around last weekend when we were there.

Marsha Schank The Cincinnati Zoo is the best and thank you for sharing these fun moments!

Debra Cutter Love to you baby Fiona, the world's most loved Hippo!! Just sooooo sweet!

Chrissy Sigmon Any suggestions for the best time of day to see Fiona? I need to see her while she is still small!

Doreen Warner FIONA….FIONA….FIONA…..You are loved and really want to be Hugged more than you can imagine!

Laurie Joetzki Looks like they all had fun with their treats!! I was very impressed with how quickly the elephants and Fiona's parents were able to smash up the pumpkins for eating. Their strength is amazing. Just don't realize how powerful their jaws and feet are until they are put on display. Wonderful video, especially how dainty Fiona eats her pumpkin!! Thanks for sharing!

Teresa Lynn Brown the only vacation I plan on for now is a trip to Cincinnati to visit the zoo..I grew up in Ohio but live in Georgia now and so excited to visit 'river city' and all the local sites, including the zoo!


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