Hit like if you want to see Fiona the Hippo on the cover of TIME!

Fiona the Hippo on the Cover of Time

Hit like if you want to see Fiona the Hippo on the cover of TIME!

Rats! We thought she should at least have gotten an honorable mention!

Fiona the Hippo on the cover of TIME

This may be the cutest thing you see all weekend.

Fiona the Hippo Engagement Photo


Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017


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Fans reacted:

Holly Anne Walker So sweet… I don’t ever want to hear animals don’t have feelings or souls again, look at this! Every being is capable of loving

Michele Webb Oh my word!!! Fiona even has her eyes closed!!! She is just too adorable. She clearly learned what kisses were from all her care takers loving on her from birth. How awesome is that!

Amanda Dalton This sounds so rude but I would have urges to displace that sweet little kid so that I could plant myself there.

Estella Bunny Howe Oh my, I swear Fiona thinks she is a "people". This is adorable. God bless our little baby girl Fiona. She has brought so much laughter and love to 2017. Best thing that happened all year.

Gloria Heise This is the precious thing I have ever seen. Fiona is a superstar and she knows how to love. Look at her kissing this sweet little girl. A photo to cherish her entire life. Fiona changes lives and should be considered an ambassador of her breed.

Jessica Shorts I adore how she loves people yes she is a wild animal but had this beauty been born in the wild she would have died so humans didn’t hurt anything as far as I’m concerned.

Margo Harkreader Such an a amazing bond with people! Yes, I know she was hand raised as a premie. It will be interesting to track her interactions as she approaches her teen years and maturity.

Kathy Wynne Rossell That is adorable! Fiona loves her fans as much as we love her. I saw her yesterday at Hippo Cove! She was so sassy! A Hippo with personality plus! Bibi was showing off her own style as well! So grateful to have seen them! Love our Hippos and our Cincinnati Zoo!

Kathy Griesinger Fiona has been THE Best "Thing" to Happen in 2017

Lily Lottes To all those that say Fiona isn’t a people….shhhhhhhhh. She is part human, part hippo and most definitely a people loving, photo bombing, diva hippo. Yes to Fiona on the cover!

Madelyn M Villari She has been such a blessing for the Zoo. Such great publicity!

Billye Potts She sure makes everyone feel good better than anything else in this country!

Carole Arend Fionna deserved the cover; she has overcome all odds and made headlines all year. Booooo on Time's choice.

Pam McClung Waugh Fiona is my Person (Hippo) of the year!

Kay Combs Absolutely, she brought so much joy and hope to the world. ,!!!! Love Fiona and her mama

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