Update on Fiona the Hippo on Facebook: Fiona Interaction

Update on Fiona the Hippo on Facebook: Fiona Interaction 

A lot of you have had questions about when Fiona’s care team will no longer be able to share the same physical space as Fiona.

Although Fiona is not aggressive towards her care team she is now at a size that it is no longer safe for them to be in her space on a regular basis. They will always have daily interaction with her as well as Bibi and Henry so she will still get to see them every day.


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Suporters react:

Kathy Knoll That is so bittersweet. So thankful she is doing so excellent but the Team made her what she is!!
You did a Fantastic Job !!

Shari Caldwell I know it is the reality, but we all loved her as "baby Fiona" . Just like our own children we give them wings to fly.

Elaine Barricklow Seems a little like letting your child off to kindergarden….i hope Fiona will still be close enough to feel your physical touch and smell her life saving team.

Mary Humecke All of Fiona's care team have done an amazing job nurturing this little girl into the awesome and healthy hippo she is today. Kudos to all of them.

Erica J Kosinski THANK YOU Care Team for your stupendous efforts in saving this beautiful creature that so many of us have come to love.

Ginger Carlson Understandable…Visitors at Animal Adventure Park can't touch April now since all three family members are sharing space for safety.

Claire Elaine Lackie Loved watching Fiona grow under your excellent care! Thank you for your continued posts to keep us abreast of her maturing.

Cathy van den Busken Thank you all for the awesome journey. Living in the country where they are roaming free, the insight of this little one has been awesome. Hugs to you all


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