Fiona the Hippo Now: In some photos Fiona looks huge

Fiona the Hippo Now: In some photos Fiona looks huge 

 But it's all about perspective. She doesn't look so big when you see her next to her 3,500 lbs dad. Look for Episode 4 of the Fiona Show coming tomorrow at noon!

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Supporters react:

Joni Thompson awww – she looks like a little barnacle-hippo on Dad!

Linda Sabatina I love that she is pestering the heck out of him!! She wants him to feel better

Melanie Miller Daddys gonna teach her how to interact with him. He may not b as much n her face as mama.

Charlotte Robinson She has those cute little ears and those bright eyes!

Beaver Denham Thanks so much for posting these shows. Love them

Nadia Gural In the wld, the dominant male, like Henry does not usually interact with the kids. I could be wrong, but Henry's bubble blows twice in this video appear to be a display of dominance. At one point, he even pushes her. 80% of hippo communication is done underwater. Fiona backed off after the 1st bubble burst.

After the 2nd one, she blew her own bubbles. Is she talking back at dad? Fiona is sassy and just so full of play. I love her. Henry appears to be setting boundaries with her. At 36 yrs old, he is getting on in years. Their lifespan in the wild is 40-50 yrs, so he's getting up there. She's probably better off going to mom when she wants play time.

Judith Di-Sandolo I'm really really really pleased that Henry is feeling better !! …… but he is so huge in comparison to baby Fiona x He does not look ar all that safe to be around his young daughter !! Take care Fiona

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