Fiona the Hippo Update : She Peeking Over Her Mom Bibi

Fiona the Hippo Mother

Fiona peeking over her Mom. Hippos have a built-in set of goggles: a clear membrane covers their eyes for protection while still allowing them to see when underwater.

Fiona the Hippo Mother



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Supporters react:

Meagan Haugeto She looks like she'd be the oversized dog that jumped up on your lap and just flops over, yet is nowhere near small enough to even fit on your lap

Lara Klaber She seems to really enjoy and respond to all the attention. It looked like many of the things she did were reactions to the people who were so excited to see her. She knows she's loved

Kelly Nickerson Bebout Is it just me, or does that hippo know exactly where the cameras are and mug for them at every opportunity?

Anita Roy Gordon She is a little ham….loves to show off for her fans. She is so beautiful and has a wonderful personality! Love you little girl

Fiona the Hippo Show:

Janet Gross She is still so cute and I think its because she was hand raised. She has a great personality and the playfullness comes from her care givers who taught her well. Love Fiona.

Linda Hazelton Do you think she will keep her "human contact" when she is full grown? She is so much fun to watch and makes me smile no matter what the humans on this planet do.

Ashley Lawson Is she on a schedule of any kind yet? My daughter has an appointment at Cincinnati Children's hospital tomorrow and is dying to see her

Liz Lopez Waisner She has to be the cutest baby this season, possibly ever. Does she still favor her trainer mom's? Will she grow into her neck rolls?

Peggy Becker She is SO PLAYFUL!!! Even gives the camera a "mwah!" I have always loved her ear flickers and she has such beautiful eyes. How is her weight doing?

Peggy Routzahn She is so adorable I simply love her. My son was a preemie also 38 yrs ago I enjoyed her progress. And am so glad she made it. I love her

Terri Moore Porter I love how she seemingly knows when people are watching her and shows off for them! I want to visit her so badly! Love this little girl!

Bobbie Stewart She likes humans as much as she likes her Mom, but wonders why the humans don't get in the water with her like they used to.

Naveen Anwar Cyphers I can't wait to buy her calendar. I hope the website will be able to handle the traffic of everyone buying them

Brenda Watson She is so precious in every way,and she loves humans,they saved her God Bless you all for saving our Fiona

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