Latest Update on Fiona the Hippo Mom: Fiona’s like “Hurry up Mom”

Happy World Ape Day! This charismatic group of primates has been part of our community throughout most of the Cincinnati Zoo’s long, rich history

Fiona's like "Hurry up Mom".


Supporters react:

Lori Hughes Kitten, pup, fry, cub, colt…. what's a baby hippo called?

Malinda Clay Anderson Always makes me smile, even when life is dark! Thanks, Fiona

Peter Kurt Mayer Hey Cincinnati Zoo! My wife tried to look for a postcard or anything with Kendi. You need to promote him just a little bit. We love Fiona, but it's time to give Kendi a little attention!

Yvonne Roads Finally got to see Fiona today,sleeping next to her mom. Saw the baby rhino too. His mother is very protective of him.Excellent day at the zoo. Great weather and the flowers are still beautiful!

Kim Peoples Tallman I know she's bigger but from this pic, she looks like the size of Mama Bibi's head. Fiona is so adorbs

Tracy Meyers Grosick This month's Scholastic Math Magazine is about Fiona! So stoked to have my students complete this edition.

Diana Dralle Foster She's the most wonderful ambassador for wild and endangered species I've ever seen. So much work to be done for protection of habitat and against poaching. Fiona is the best and brings out the best in people.

Mary Hargett Cute. Fiona loves the attention she gets. Glad to see her doing so well.

Micki Gool Ginger On my mom's bucket list when she was dying was a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo she'd never been to a zoo. She spent a very long time watching the gorillas she loved it. They were playing tag. Made a great memory

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