Heads or tails you’re going to get a hippopotamus for Christmas?

Heads or tails you're going to get a hippopotamus for Christmas?

fiona the hippo merch

Fiona the hippo

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Fans reacted:

Gina Watson I'm having a Fiona Christmas. My mother-in-law bought my presents at the gift shop when we visited the zoo.

Peggy Meissner Howard Just got the Fiona book for Christmas! I am so excited to read it while I sip some great wine. Thanks Kat and Amy.

Susie Proctor I have to say Fiona was the high point of my year. I had a very hard year and she helped me smile so much. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Margie Womack Buettner My daughter got me a Fiona I just love her. Fiona truly came into this world when we all needed something uplifting.

Theresa Norris Oh how I wish I could have Fiona for Christmas! Saw the lights last night but missed seeing my favorite hippo!

Debbie Martin Merry Christmas to everyone at the zoo. Thank you for taking great care of Fiona and mom, and our beloved Henry.

Lisa DuRocher I am. I'm getting the calendar and have yet to look at it. I'm so excited to see the selection of pics picked!

Janet Jones Heads Thanks all the keepers and staff including everyone who helped Fiona since birth. MERRY Christmas!!

Kathy Wynne Rossell I got the Cincy Shirts Fiona, the Calendar, the HipHip Hooray Book (signed), and 4 Fiona ornaments! It's a Fiona Christmas! Love it!

Madelyn M Villari Thanks to the fabulous Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden for giving us all a Hippopotamus for Christmas!!!!! Kudos to you all!

Ann Boyd Fiona is our hippo for decades of Christmases to come! She is the ultimate hippopotamus for Christmas!

Mary Fortman Kirk I am crossing my fingers!!
My dogs each got a Fiona for Xmas from Santa!!

Joan Colbert I am loving my Fiona calendar. Fiona was the gift that the world needed.

Donna Freihofer Our whole community got a hippopotamus for Christmas when Fiona was born! Love Fiona!

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