Fiona update: Are you a Fiona super fan? A budding artist?

Are you a Fiona super fan? A budding artist? Or simply just want a fun evening at the Zoo with friends while giving back?

Join us for a unique fundraiser at the Zoo as we paint Ms. Fiona and celebrate her FIRST BIRTHDAY with our friends at Pinot’s Palette – Liberty Township.

Bring your friends, family members or group of coworkers for a guided painting event. No experience necessary! The Pinot’s Palette artists will guide you step-by-step through the featured painting below and will ensure that you stay on track to complete your masterpiece by the end of class.

fiona the hippo first birthday painting

fiona the hippo first birthday painting


You can get your Fiona Socks and Indoor Pillow: Here 

Viewers reacted:

Amy Hosier I don't paint but I did make this pillow in honor of her. We unfortunately didn't get to see Fiona before we moved, but it didn't change how much we love and support her and the Cincy Zoo!

Jackie Dries Schoch Oh I live too far away here in MD. But I am a #1 fan. Fiona and I were fighting for our lives at the same time. I was fighting Stage 3 Cancer and now both Fiona and I are doing great. I will try to do this in stained glass.

Eileen Jones Suggestion: this Spring, bring Baby Fiona throughout our state for these paint and canvas fundraisers. We love Fiona from all over! I would love to go but 3 hours on a weekday is a no go. Hope all the spots fill so help our zoo friends!

Heather Goodlander Love this!!! I was clicking to register and saw the price and sadly I won't be able to do so!! I attend so many different painting classes so I know I would've loved this one and it's for a great cause!! Enjoy to those who attend!! I think it's a wonderful idea!!

Jane Summerville As a native of Cincinnati, I have followed Fiona with great interest and joy. I now live in Florida, but wish I could attend this event. I think a visit to the Queen City is in order.

Debra Brothers Cox Can a person buy a lot and instructions? I live in Idaho but I would LOVE to support and do this. I am a huge Fiona fan and fan of hippos in general

Joan Peters I need to see the finished artwork. My friend and I are getting matching Fiona tattoos. So the winner will be permanently etched in our skin!

Linda Bales I went down to the Festival of Lights a friend of mine got us tickets I wish I could have seen Fiona!

Julie Mueller My family would love to be able to do the painting tutorial from afar via YouTube subscription or some such.

 fiona legging


Get yours: Here

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