Update on Fiona the Hippo and Bibi: Bibi giving Fiona a helping head

Fiona the Hippo and Bibi

Bibi giving Fiona a helping head

fiona the hippo and bibi

Fiona the Hippo

Fiona the hippo and Bibi


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Supporters react:

Mary Ann Kruse Ruebenstahl I see just a little nub on the head of Carter. How long will it take to grow a full set of horns?

Minnetta Richardson I just love this mommy/baby duo!

Erin Meany Those two are best buds. I think Bibi is so happy to have Fiona.

Diane Webb Sometimes you just need a helping nudge from mom

Annie Collins-Urbonas …Bibi seems to have a smile and twinkle in her eye…so happy with her baby girl….

Merida Jane It looks more like she's in trouble and she's being told to put her nose in the corner

Mary Ann Amspaugh Hey Mom I can see it all now lol

Mary Harris I have been to the zoo several times since she has been out. Have only really seen her from a distance with camera because, it is so chaotic with trying to view her.

I watch people in wheelchairs get ran over or dont even try to go down to the glass to view her, individuals with arm restraints get pushed around, ran over with strollers on feet. I think that you should have someone in the hippo cove directing a line so that EVERYONE gets a chance to view her. Instead of being pushed around and ran over.

There were two employees on the bench talking about her but gave no direction the last time I was there. Just hope you can find some type of compromise.

Connie Hendrickson Smith I think Fiona is happy to be with her mother. I am glad her mother accepted her. I think she would be lonely without her. Even if she didn't know why she was lonely. So sweet to see them together.

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