Fiona the Hippo Live Stream: Episode 7: The Season Finale

Fiona the Hippo Live Stream

Fiona the Hippo Episode 7: The Season Finale.

A live look at Fiona today. You’ve watched her remarkable journey, now her caretaker Jenna is here to answer your Fiona question


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fiona the hippo live streamFiona the hippo live stream


Fans react to Fiona the Hippo Live Stream

Crista Abbott Clephane Hello from Indiana my four year old and I are watching and he would like to know if Fiona has a favorite You?

Jessica R Kitts Please don't stop posting about Fiona we all love her and we love seeing her story and how she is living please don't let it be the end of her show. Love you Fiona! She has so many people around the world that love and adore her and above all support her.

Tracy Capasso Awwww, Fiona now go and be the cutest little hippo. So glad that being a FB star hasn't gotten to her pretty little head. Thanks for the memories.

Melanie Warren Now you know we cannot go without our Fiona fix. She is the cutest addiction ever. We are invested and need to see how she changes and continues to grow!

Dave Robinson My fave hippo, I even have my own little Fiona hippo made of a couple of washcloths by a cabin steward on our last cruise

Ann Kosewicz Kennedy I will miss Fiona greatly but I guess it is time for her to just be a happy hippo. Time for me to plan a trip to Cinn.

Ashley Jennette Martin Do hippos have a heat cycle? Would you be worried about the male trying to breed the baby when she comes of age?

Ester Del Rosario Farall We all love Fiona… We want to follow her day by day

Corey Rigoni Thank you for the wonderful education that you've given everyone about these animals and Fiona the Hippo Live Stream

Tendai Phiri Did Fiona's mother seem morose or sad after she gave birth being separated from her baby? Or did she trust that you would care for her baby? It didn't seem like she didn't try to stop you from taking the baby.

Sue Anthony Ward · We were at the zoo yesterday for the first time just to see Fiona. We drove 6 hours to see her. She is so cute. You have the nicest zoo we have ever been to. Thank for a great time. We will be back again sometime. Praying Henry feels better soon.


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