Fiona the Hippo Learns to Swim: Fiona Can Do the Backstroke

Fiona the Hippo Learns to Swim

Hippos can't technically swim but Fiona sure looks like she can do the backstroke!

    fiona the hippo learns to swim   

 Fiona the Hippo Family


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With Fiona’s recent weight gain and improved health, it’s only natural that many of us are thinking about the distant future and asking how and when Fiona might be reunited with Bibi and Henry. 

Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo Learns to Swim

Lily Lottes LOL she is showing off in front of her adoring fans. It looks like Henry is doing a parental eye roll LOL. Henry is looking good today. Nice to see the fam hanging out again.

Helen Frietch My thanks to the Cincinnati Zoo for these daily posts. I hope they never stop. Because of knee problems I can't get to the zoo but see it through the eyes of your cameras. Again, thank you so much.

Megan Billiter Smith Oh My! I love her so much. I teach middle school and we follow Fiona updates in class, we have all fallen in love with her.

Rebecca Patterson Were her parents always this affectionate? And do you think she will always remain affectionate? She seems to love human interaction – at least with the zoo keepers? Is this typical? Typical of a hippo in wild?

Michele Smith I want to see her and the family so bad but the drive, money and time is getting away from us sw mich. I promise first thing next summer, they are number one

Kathy Wynne Rossell Fiona is such a sweetheart! She really does seem to like the mouth massage! I would love to hug that big bundle! Love her so much! I love you, fiona and love the way Fiona the Hippo Learns to Swim

Elaine Arett Williamson So sweet  I hope she always remembers her connections to the humans that helped her in the beginning.

Shirley Guenther She has come such a long way and she's is such a sweetie!! Thanks for the many, many updates on Fiona!!! We love her!

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